wednesday 14/04/2010

Mod close plz.

Ok.. im buying for 10.3k

Looking to buy Emeth for 11000

Mods close this subjet plis

I said i'll take it

Sadly to say, I have to agree with daste. Every day i check the market, then complain about the price of certain cards being too high, with my friends then saying "i told you the price would be high"...does that make them rumor spreaders? It does in the same way that it makes george w bush a good president...

tuesday 13/04/2010

Closed, Thank you everyone who offered/ look at this topic.

Looking to buy a caelus for 16k. please. thanks

Close please

I already sell skullface cr you can close the post

Nvm i sold her on the market smiley

I still need Nahi Cr. Since few days price for Nahi Cr in Market is going extremly up. So feel free to make me offer (via PM). I accept also exchange for cards.

What i want is a lot of chiaras for smokey smiley

Any offers ?

I have 19 skeels to trade

Lot5 1700

I've got Caelus now. Still looking for Smokey Cr though.

Here is the best offer I've received so far:

80k cash + Anibal, Pegh, Tremorh, Gatline and Jessie, all 5 at 0xp.

If you can beat it then please either post it here or pm it. Thx!!! smiley

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