tuesday 13/04/2010

Lot5 1700

I've got Caelus now. Still looking for Smokey Cr though.

Here is the best offer I've received so far:

80k cash + Anibal, Pegh, Tremorh, Gatline and Jessie, all 5 at 0xp.

If you can beat it then please either post it here or pm it. Thx!!! smiley

Price is now 29k, onyl 10% less than market price but I buy right away.. Please... :[

As i sayed before :

stanly x93 trade for only cr or sell for ( 1.1k )

Remember @ Pm @ .

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In the end, I actually got her to sell at market price for 12.9k to somehow, so I was happy. smiley

Thanks for allowing this thread.

Close subject

C'mon, mind telling me why it's a rip off? it's actually quite good a deal

O o i am. but not for 18k pm me well talk

Thanks, Guys! I got one offer of Vickie Cr for my Tanaereva + 28k.

You can close, Mods!

These card prices will be lowered in a new auction please close the subject mods

Thanks cynic
btw i dont think he's gonna go cr i just need him for survivor

Buying Selma for 3-3.5k

Preferably for these cards:
Orlando 370
Thormund 980
Anita 2000
Elvira 2000
Glosh 1100

SAVE 500! pm me if interesed

Anybody please?

monday 12/04/2010

Just trade my seslya cr thank you mods plz close

Ill offer 90k grakks uruanus and petra sigma and juanta for tessa cr!

BTW If you don't like the offer, we can negotiate different terms smiley

50 praxie full and 10 0 xp

@huub96: Why do you wanna sell your Lamar Cr lower than what he asked for? It just don't make no sense! LMAO!

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