sunday 11/04/2010

Auction is over!
I'll put the cards in best bidders' private sales.
Thank you everybody!

I only have 21k but I really want one D:
Let me buy please

Iam selling ronald for about 3000 or best offer
i do not accept cards pm me if you are intresed

Sorry card was sold privately shortly after it was put on the market.

I can offer :

279 shann (110 full xp) = 948.6k
227 naginata (63 fullxp, 88 0xp) = 794.5k
168 jautya (80 full, 88 0xp) = 277.2k
152 anibal (56 full xp, 96 0xp) = 283.5k
150 randy full xp = 64.5k
100 muze (60 full xp, 40 0xp) = 110k
100 selma (43 full xp, 57 0xp) = 480k
47 wardom (16 full xp, 31 0xp) = 202.1k
39 caelus (29 full xp + 4 lvl4 + 6 0xp) = 702k
29 Chiara (2 full xp, 27 0xp) = 168.2k
2 tanaereva (1 full xp, 1 0xp) = 68k

It makes 4´098´600, let me know if you are interested smiley

For a marina, i mean

Wait till it goes down. Some days it's around 10-11k

Sorry they got sold... mods please close..

Ive got it now smiley
could u please close
thanks again mods smiley

Whoops! I meant buy.

Fair price, no one interested?

Please sale for me ecko, i need ulrich, taljon.
thanks friend

8.8k pm me

Wait a second, PeC_Wazzupz bid is after the deadline! (A) Feygor's bid was pmed to me at around 19:00, so his bid still countz. Sorry, PeC! Thus, Commoner-LOA also wins...Sasha!

Buying 1 Ambre, preferably maxed.
20k flat.
PM me if interested.

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