wednesday 02/06/2010

I'm looking for 38.5k (1.1k each) in clintz/cards.

Please PM here / post here.

Thanks smiley


None of those... i'm not interested in chikko cr either smiley

Sold out for sylth full + arkn + mini mund + sayura...
going to close it...

Hum.. nvm , i spent my money buying kerozin cr

I need a Smokey Cr..

I will buy for a little under market value now...
I also have some trade cards...
If interested then just ask...

@wariowinner No. The trades need to be of the same value, please read my message again.

Jus got it off the market for 6300


Close this tnx !!!!

Ok I can offer 182k for her now.

tuesday 01/06/2010

Man wait for me i will give you it tommorrow ok

Hi, I´m looking to trade my alec cr 0xp for a miss twice cr or another cr.

All for 130670 clintz!smiley

Pls close. thanks.

Sorry forget it sold

Hi! I would like to buy a toro for 6k or trade some cards for more torossmiley

Looking to Sell or Trade My Rass Cr with 0xp.

Price is 750,000 Clintz or Best Offer.

Will consider interesting trades, especially Marlysa Cr.

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