monday 26/04/2010

Selling Skiner level 2 for 2k

I am trading my A Award Cr (0xp).

Looking mainly for multiples of these:

...... but may be looking for a few New Bloods as well.

Pm me or list your offers here smiley

Never mind -.-

Close please

Close pls All Cr ´s are done

THX who trade with me

Willing to trade it for bridget and grudj or clintz. PM me for ur offers

Ok, someone pm me and trade some jackie.

Mod, close this thread please. smiley

Thanks smiley

I have Trained 5 Owen from 0 Xp .


1 Owen for :
13 Jetos
12 Mac Hen
11 Strynge
10 Brandon

2 Owen for :
2 Muze
10 Filomena
20 Brandon
1 Bodenpower ( 0 xp )

3 Owen for :
20 Borss
30 Brandon
35 Jeto
1 Angie

4 Owen for :
Eyrik + 1k clintz
40 Brandon

5 Owen for :
5500 c

I agree with UMa !

It's 10k on the market///

Lol @artemis ..need help reading english ? let me help u
Selling the following cards.
Don (U) (U)
Donnie (U) (U)
Edd (R) (R)
Mona (U) (U)
Ottavia (C) (C)
Prince Jr (C) (C)
Rosa (R) (R)

Plz mail me offers. i'll be on all day.
no stupid offers or time waster

I want a Copper that is full and 2-3k for my Level 4 Copper.

Ok so far Alopias has the best offer for Oshitsune
@TasT_A_FisKeR sorry no on the selma for pussycats

Keep him, Jungo cards are over priced now and will stay until the next Cr's come out. Wait till they go down then sell him.

My Sayura Unagi Windy Mor Yu Mei Tyd Nakata for your Nobrodroid

sunday 25/04/2010

Mods plz close

I want to buy a Haze for 3k. I don't care what level it is.

I give for jacky: ghumbo + jane ramba + mojo 0xp

Close plesesmiley

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