saturday 23/12/2017

Yep his offer was late. Please read the rules.

Ill add 50k clintz on top ~

friday 22/12/2017

18 behemoth more and judge lynch gone

7x Yayoi Cr = 7*175.000=1.225.000
Dounia MT=1.5 m
1.225.000+300.000=1,525 m

Cards coming your way for 830

Now is the time 2 min you have

Hello, I buy all your Rueda Buena 0xp for 20K each or 21K each if you have more than 20 to sell.
I can trade against some Dr Norton Cr 0xp if you want too.

Message me if you are interested

Still need 3 blaaster cr 0xp. Pm me.

If you like, Seldnor Cr 0 exp x #quetzal 0 exp

Offer 1
Vickie Cr 3mil
Kenny Mt 0xp 1.5 mil
Ymirah Cr 1.5 mil
Xantiax Robb Cr full or 0xp 3 mil
500k clintz

Offer 2
Vickie Cr 3 mil
Ymirah Cr x2 3 mil
Kenny Mt
1.5 mil clintz

Pm me willing to negotiate need both

thursday 21/12/2017

B16 are on hold.

5 tanaereva 0 exp + 300k sorry

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