thursday 08/04/2010

Sold my tana already. Thx mods. Please close this thread

Ok. It´s done. I hope all is right.

Pls close. thanks mods

Okay all the carts for uranus

1700 .. pls anyone?

I've got Tessa Cr.. make me an offer

wednesday 07/04/2010

Thx for the pms
@ lcklck
thx for the offer, but i'm working on a better one
anyways, i'd love to hear more offers

Mods please close the topic

For a caelus non xp and 4000 ctz , pm me if you want to negociate
Have a good game
Enjoy smiley

Im looking to trade for marlysa i can offer a lot of :

Aroung 6k-7k

The best offer is 3,3кк at this moment

Done !

Close this thread


Winning bid was 91,000 with babyspike and shaunt. I will sell to Shaunt due to the feedback recieved regarding babyspike.

Shaunt.. i'll be in touch to finalise


Winning bid was _Marco_Ti3st0.

Marco, i'll contact you later to finalize everything.

I have 2 Tessa Cr (both 0xp). I'll sell both for 360K clintz.

0Xp Wandas Equal An Average Of 2000 Clintz Per Card.

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