saturday 24/04/2010

This thread was created long time ago..this should be closed

Pliz close thanks mods

How much for amber

Mod close plz

Toro 6.1 k

Ill do the praxie for jane ramba

I would go to some people on the market

friday 23/04/2010

Pm Me offers.
or post.

I Like bigger Crs and bulk rares (worth over 4k)

I dont mind

10 Massiv Full
10 Chlora Full


Hey guys!

I'm looking for some Praxie 0xp.

For a Praxie 0xp, I'll give either:

- 5 Anibal (R) 0xp
- or 5 Arkn (R) 0xp
- or 5 Graff (R) 0xp
- or 4 Ulrich (R) 0xp

Ideally, I'm looking to get something like 10 Praxie this way.

Thanks for looking! smiley

As tittle says I'm willing to trade my Kolos + 4k clintz for Morphun.
Won't go any lower since both cards' prices are fluctuating +/- 3k clintz.
PM me.
Ty mods.

I'll give you Rolph for Azgroth PM me if interested


He's currently running around 5k full. Scattered 0xp cards start at about 6k. I'd like to buy a handful at 5500 each.

Feel free to PM, or just put them in my Private Sales.

Much thanks.

Worth like 2050 clintz and trying to sell for 2.5 times that.... good luck

With same price....

my fabio to :
1. wendel with 400 clintz
2. nelli with 200 clintz
3. tyler

post here or business message me.


No ty 0 Zinx

p.s: Pm me win any offers

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