sunday 04/04/2010

Close mod please

"Still nothing that matches my reserves...
So far I won't sell !"

You cannot do that, reserves are only the price which a bidder wins, therefore, whoever is in the lead regardless of them meeting the reserve or not they get the lot.

Can i have the striker

I am buying Harleen,Davina,Brittany for 350 each.

Please,put them in my private sales.

Note : I am buying lots of them,not just one,so put all you've got,for 350 clintz.


The auction is finished.
The winner si ktinga.

Congratulations smiley

Thanks for all the bids _Marco_Ti3st0 has won
plz close this thread mods and thanks smiley

Mods plz close this thread thanks

Nevermind, delete pls mod

No, a semi-evo dorian at 445/5000 xp, not at 4450 clintz, that's just stupid.

Thank u for the bids
mods plz close

Kerozinn, Splata, Lamar, Tessa, Vickie(Full) and one vickie 0xp for my Marlysa?

As the title says im looking to trade my oshitsune +1k for your azgroth

You'll have to trade a card to make up the difference. Otherwise keep looking at the market.

Night_crow won.Thanks to all.

The card you're thinking of is alexei, I have all 3 so I'm uninterested, but the prices seem pretty

saturday 03/04/2010

Ok, I have Jay and Tomas now, still looking for Aylen and Corvus.

I am selling/trading the following cards for 42k for the lot or will trade for Allstars/Jungos

Hey guys, I am buying all your buba 0xp for 450 clintz each... if u have a large amount of them my price can go up...

Just put them in my private sales


I bought Bristone, I only need Rolph and Arkn

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