saturday 03/04/2010

Hey guys, I am trading lao cr and 1 rass cr

I estimate my lao 0xp at 550k and my lao full xp at 530k

I also estimate my rass cr 0xp at 525k

All trade offers will be reviewed..

Also if u wish to contact me quicker dont hesitate to send me a message

I have all 3, however the fact that all of them total around 12000 combined...well...for 9000 nty

Hi! I would like to buy lots of Brittanys and Krashessmiley

Hi trade my Ndololo Cr for this small Crs :

1x Tessa Cr
1x Lamar Cr
1x Kerozinn Cr
1x Vickie Cr
1x Splata Cr

Please send me a message with your offer smiley

Thanks mods

Anybody? smiley

As babyspike did not finished the deal yet i will be receiving offers until tonight 11:00 pm, then i will close the auction, thank you again.

Agreed with DnL
Someone just close this pointless spam thread.

Oh well..smiley I've made my choice..ShareHolder Won the auction smileysmiley

I just realize that the end date is so wanna end this now.. so please close this already..smiley thx..modz.. smiley

Thanks for joining PPLZ..smiley

I== ll give u Dagouba and Askai 0xp pm with your offer

Also willing to sell for just 30k just pm me

Hello there,

I would like to purchase your jenny 0xp for 100 clintz or less. Thankz

Sorry i meant Tessa Max. Any takers??

Hello, buying Smokey Cr. PM for offers.

friday 02/04/2010

Piranas plus somokey= 81k remeber the market changes
Rescue Plus Alec=95k
Ill add 8k for the entire all star clan plus the crs

My offer adds to 184k All star clan is 183k so its a good deal for both parties.

pm and post

thanks mods

Close this subject.
people still win their prizes.

Please close modz

I'm looking to trade my Greow for one of the following pairs of la juntas:
Bryan and Thormund
Bryan and Gatline
Gatline, Thormund, and Trish
I'm most interested in the second group, but any will me with your offer.Thanks

Ya right

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