friday 02/04/2010

Just thought i would let you know that on the market his price fluctuates and usually i see it go down to 9k-10k

Sold..sorry guys smiley

Looking to buy striker for 8850.
please put in my private sales if interested

I am willing to buy wee lee for 13k


i want to sell or trade everything in there for FPC, looking for offers of equal value and i'll consider trade offers first
pls trade, i can't stand these guys anymore
leo, mitch, winifred and winston for a nataka/ windy mor, clintz balance is sure to be have, genrally looking to trade for these are priorities:
tank for sayura or yu mei
dean+archibald for sung tsu
masamu for kati, clintz balanced
the other 2 are for sale.

Please close.

I have esmeralda

Mods could u plz close this sale smiley thankz

Will trade 0xp Vickie CR or x2 0xp Alex for one of them

Buy more hugo 325 clintz all full

Start date 02/03/10 finish date 15/03/10

start price 3,800 clints

autowin at 70,000 clints

good luck and happy bidding

Happy Easter

What do you want to sell them to me?

if you do i'll buy

thursday 01/04/2010

Ok thanks guy

Akendram, Aylen, Bob joby, Borss, Deebler, Fifty 2x, Jakie, Loocio, and Lulubee 2x, mickey T, Oshitsune, Pam, Timmy, Tremorh, and Tyler
All for the price of 70k or individually:
Akendram: 2.1k
Aylen: 4.7k
Bob Joby: 132
Borss: 240
Deebler: 260
Fifty: 999
Lulabee: 6.9k
Mickey T: 230
Oshitsune: 7.9k
Pam: 960
Timmy: 1.2k
Tremorh: 2.2k
and Tyler: 2k
prices can be negotiated on the individuals please pm me if you are interested

Thanks mods:]

My aurora + 1700 clintz for your leviatonn

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