friday 22/12/2017

If you like, Seldnor Cr 0 exp x #quetzal 0 exp

Offer 1
Vickie Cr 3mil
Kenny Mt 0xp 1.5 mil
Ymirah Cr 1.5 mil
Xantiax Robb Cr full or 0xp 3 mil
500k clintz

Offer 2
Vickie Cr 3 mil
Ymirah Cr x2 3 mil
Kenny Mt
1.5 mil clintz

Pm me willing to negotiate need both

thursday 21/12/2017

B16 are on hold.

5 tanaereva 0 exp + 300k sorry

Check ur ps aladin

Still up for 30min

20 min auction ends 20 min after time of post
Can only bid cards 50k or more and not more than 3 of one card
Bid must be at least 50k higher than the last
Thats about it good luck


Blaaster Cr 0xp (650K) (me) .VS. Diyo Cr (490K) + 160K


For auction I have :-

Mix XP. mostly full.

3 x Spiaghi Cr
1 x Edd Cr
3 x Fabio
1 x Vermaire

Here are the rules:
-End time: 30 min 59 sec from the time of post!!!
-starting price 50c
- I value card lowest of all XP from the market.
-You have to bid at least 5k more than the current bid.
- no double copy!!!
- I am looking for :-
Cr(valued lowest of all XP available).

Let the auction begin!

I can put cash or card to make up the small difference.

1M cash + one dregn 0xp for your reine cr

I have
1 Flo Cr full xp 55k
1 Striker Cr 0xp 145k
1 Chikko Cr 0xp 85k
1 #spyke cr full xp 155k
1 Grudj Cr full xp 95k
2 Dolly Cr full xp 105k
1 Veenyle Cr 0 xp 140k
3 Diego Cr 2 fullxp 1 0xp 185k
1 Edd Cr fullxp 125k
1 Spiaghi Cr fullxp 55k
1 Hawkins Cr full xp 105k
1 Rhed Cr 0xp105k
1 Dr Norton Cr 0xp 55k
1 Sledg Cr full xp 85k
1 Slyde Cr full xp 55k
2 Phonos Cr 1 0xp 1 fullxp 105k
1 Sigma Cr full xp 130k
1 Chiara Cr full xp 95k
1 Greem Cr full xp 65k
1 Eddie Cr full xp 85k
2 Lin Bee Cr 1 0xp 1 fullxp 105k
1 Heegrn Cr full xp 65k
2 #shakaarti cr 1 full xp 1 0xp 320k
rough estimation around 2.5m got some clintz too looking for Vickie Cr full xp
pm for negotiations

Cal also do Vickie Cr Ymirah Cr and 1 mil clintz
Or Vickie Cr 2.5 mil clintz

I thought 5k eachsmiley

Still buyingsmiley

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