tuesday 30/03/2010

Looking for Rubie(R) for about 2000 clintz.

Auction Concluded

Mod close plz

Bought one close pls

(Trading For) Tessa Cr 0Xp, Mellisa Cr 0Xp

I Have Cards Like Tanaereva, Striker, Blaaster, Leviatonn, Sylth, Emeth, Mona, Kenny, Aurora, Shakra, Jay, Jackie And More PM Me For Faster Response.

Thanks Mods


Thanks mods you can close this anytime

I offer a nahi cr and a morphun and a swidz cr plus 5k clintz

@spamg88, you can get the link by doubling down. Kiki Kiki Cr. Rass Rass Cr. smiley

I won't put an exact price down, but anyone who is willing to sell a Dragan Cr, please PM me. smiley
We shall negotiate.

Close please.

monday 29/03/2010

Cambio a Berserkgirl Cr 0xp por Cr's, me interesan cartas como por ejemplo...
Vickie Cr, Lamar Cr, Splata Cr, Tessa Cr, Kerozinn Cr, Miss Tiwce cr, Nahi Cr...


In the spanish forum i dont find offerts for lamar cr full.
My english not is very good but i try to change the card. smiley

i have.
vickie cr ( full )
20000 clintz.

this offert is only for lamar cr.

kerozinn cr.
i change my vickie cr only for this.


mods thanks.!

R u selling cards seperatly...if so im buying glorg..pm me

SOLD BY Grim Hanma SP!

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