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wednesday 07/07/2010

Hey i'm willing to buy Coby maxed for 6300 clintz. Other levels of Coby would do as well, but i'll be offering 6200 clintz if it's a level other then maxed. PM me if you're interested

Ill give shogunn

tuesday 06/07/2010

I buy 4 sunder for 550 each.
Contact me privately

Close this mods tnx

Im selling/trading
smokey cr

Exosist: Im trading my 2 Zatman 0Xp for Page Cr any level.

85k in cash for 0xp reina cr if you want

I'm thinking that it's not enough smiley

I want to sell Berserkgirl Cr for 780000 or trade her for Marlysa Cr + Lamar Cr. PM me if you interested

Hello !

I am interested in -

Lao CR
Sigmund CR
Dragan CR
Ambrose CR
Ombre CR
Skullface CR
Dwain CR

I can trade the cards for -

Lamar Cr
Guru Cr 0 exp
Rass CR 0 exp
Marlysa Cr
2x Kerozinn Cr
2x Amiral Py Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Alec Cr
Seldnor Cr
Geuner Cr
Nahi Cr
Page Cr
Chad Bread Cr
+ clintz

The value of ELO or T2 playable cards is from my view higher than the market value..

If you are interested in, please send me an offer ! smiley


Looking for Oflgn (or Cyb Lhia )

I have Anibal - Lin XIa and Rolph
Thank you smiley


I think that none would like to trade for Azgroth - it is 500 clintz more expensive !!!

My offer - your 8x Marco , my 3x Ghumbo ... if you agree, let me know ...

monday 05/07/2010

I'll sell for 22k pm me

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