sunday 28/03/2010

Please use the Strategy and Tactics forum smiley

Please conclude this auction with the highest bidder

Manfred.. i am sorry but i have struck a deal with Primz. I feel i would be letting not only me, but the rest of UR down if i went back on a deal i agreed to. Sorry. Better luck next time though 'eh smiley

Please conclude this auction with the highest bidder


I have a 0xp b ball and i wish to trade it for an oxen or oren/maciej or sting or perle at any lv, balance in clintz are going to be considered, pls PM me or post here

Anyone wanna trade their Kolos and Ghumbo/ Mawpin for my Morphun? Or does anyone wanna buy my Morphun for 30K

Reserve price is 380k clintz and 400k in cr's
keep offering smiley

saturday 27/03/2010

Kuei 0XP for SkrumxxT

Sorry king_li i already sold Sireen

Sale concluded by thanking everyone for deals

Buyin vermyn n ffrom the bangers!
I will accept any price from around 8500min to about 9600max so yh
if u want to trade it, put the card(s) that u want and we will do that instead/as well as!!


I want to sell this and others contact me for more cards such as fuzz, taham, nobrodroid ect.

thanks mods

If you dont mind me asking, how did the theft occur of your Beltran Cr? Is there any safety precautions all of us should know to avoid that kind of problem? Was it a simple but tragic matter of posting on the market with "one less zero." Im just asking as to keep my own collection secure. Thanks smiley

Houston i have got it.

I'm updating the clintz to 9000, that's all I have now.

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