friday 26/03/2010

Close please and thanks

Any sellers? PM me please. really do appreciate.

thanks mod fo rposting.

Is that a yes or a no, alympus?

price is negotiable

Oops ..not kerry soz
the other girl .forgot her name ..accidently typed kerry ..
its elvira

If anyone out there with a big heart is willing to sell me a tomas for really appreciate itsmiley

Mods, there are two of these threads, please close one.

Pls close. sori for the trouble mods smiley

No need to pm before selling to me just put them in my private sales

Boohmas are Gone.Any more offers/

Selling a malmoth for 0xp on market for 1k1, or looking to trade him for a card that worth 1k-1k2 on market
primary looking for miranda, bruce, glosh, suzie, 0xp oxen or a lennox, pls post here, i really need some cash

Close this please.

I thought i would ask this but Alec Cr is the last card i need for Rescue but i can only afford 30k clintz and i was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell him to me for that price if not that is completely ok i would completely understand and if so plz just send me the private sale with a message telling me to check but again if you dont want to i would completely understand but i would very much appreciate it

Well ive gotton 120 from u all so far.
and i see the base price are rose al little
just pm me to work out a deal

thursday 25/03/2010

Auction ended, i will contact WOLF5555 to see if he is serious about his offer.

Thanks to all.

1.1k or less please

For piotr i will take money or cards and for jay i would like striker but i don't mind as long as it is a card i dont own

Oh yeah, if you're wondering, I will most likely only trade for GHEIST and Nightmare for now. However, I would prefer flat Clintz payment.

Ummmmm....... when do i get itsmiley

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