saturday 27/03/2010


I want to sell this and others contact me for more cards such as fuzz, taham, nobrodroid ect.

thanks mods

If you dont mind me asking, how did the theft occur of your Beltran Cr? Is there any safety precautions all of us should know to avoid that kind of problem? Was it a simple but tragic matter of posting on the market with "one less zero." Im just asking as to keep my own collection secure. Thanks smiley

Houston i have got it.

I'm updating the clintz to 9000, that's all I have now.

Gil full exp for rowdy 0exp + gibson 0exp

I'll offer sasha and walden, both 0 xp and is ready to go

Anything for 700 clintz ?

Buying any exp Mona for 7.6k
Thank you very much

Looking for a full exp. Lamar Cr

If not then clintz or cards are fine also


This concludes the auction thanks for everyone who participated... smiley


Like the title states I'm trying to trade my 0xp Dragan cr for 2 tessa cr's max xp+5k. Dragan Cr is currently worth 348k and Tessa cr max xp is worth 160k ea.

Thanks in advance and send me a pm for a faster response.


I strongly suggest you don't auction any new cards that arrive on the day. You are far better of selling it on market ASAP.

Good luck.

friday 26/03/2010

Sorry every 1 sold it

Close please and thanks

Any sellers? PM me please. really do appreciate.

thanks mod fo rposting.

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