wednesday 10/03/2010

Mods please close

I change who
wants private messagesmiley

I have a whole bunch I will sell to you

Yes basically some ppl are collectors and want prefull versions of crs so they are rarer and thus more expensive

Got Glenn. Just need Davina and I will pay 355 now.

BabySpike i put the Randy's in your private sales

If this is going, i'll go 28K

I have a ton of those cards feel free to pm me

2x Smokey Cr

Looking for trades like these:
Smokey Cr x1 = Tanaereva x1
Smokey Cr x1 = Jackie x1 + GraksmxxT x1

pm me if anyone is willing to trade

tuesday 09/03/2010

As the title says, I'm buying a Chikko Cr.
I don't care about its exp, just the price must be lower than the market one.

If you want to sell, SEND ME A PM!

You can sell vickie cr and get 100 stanly, just a tip.

Your Chikko Cr and Terry Cr for my Striker and .5k

Kerry + 1500

I forgot to mention this...i will sell him for 28.5k

I have a Zatman, level 2, from pack, will sell for 10,000 but am willing to negoiate lower price

Mods please close

I'll trade my maxed greow and 400 clintz for bryan and gatline.please pm me if you'll accept this offer or have a reasonable counter offer....thanks

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