saturday 01/05/2010

Also looking to buy blaaster for 9.5k

Close this plz

I'll Buy Ghumbo for 10,000 if no i can go up to 11,000

Will any one sell me Ghumbo for 10,000

Close this mod

350 clintz rush
Thanks mod

Jacky plus eklore, my morphun is 0xp

I will buy it for 550

For cards banned in elo , i also have jane ramba, bryan and thormund to change

Ok, thx my Eleas was bought...

friday 30/04/2010

Well that's it guys. At least until I get more from packs.

I pay for Boris 810 clinzs. And eyrton 715 but the 0xp. Plz send it directly in m'y private. Thnx

I'm buying:

Tomas (R)
Sasha (R)

pm for deal. Thanks moderator. smiley

I will do a straight up trade. Those offers are equal value. I will not add anything to it.

Hi , for my
Alec full
Vickie full

Correct Wicer.

Thanks DnL.

Although, I'm wise enough to say I doubt this trade will go through. Unless one has multiple unwanted Lamar Cr.

Sigh, guess it's joke time. smiley

- - -

A chicken sandwidch walked into the bar, ordered some food and beer. The bartender says: “Sorry, we don’t serve food here”.

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