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thursday 23/12/2010

Umm , Mods ??
Anyone realizes the second line ??
i think he just saidhe has multiple accounts T_T

All players get ADMIN status after a short (trial) period! smiley


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

Lol thanks Tomato smiley

wednesday 22/12/2010

Close please already found a guild smiley

tuesday 21/12/2010



(NT) GrReapeR joined on as an admin on "No Tyranny". Please close this subject smiley

Thanks for the comments um Dalek I added you. I am only 2 levels away from forty. I might take you offer SoS_Rayce. Join up people. We just want to help people out. And we wanna have fun!

monday 20/12/2010

Lol i always need a good laugh, big ups

Hello people, this is a new guild looking for new members. Doesn't matter what level you are, or what place you come from, all I ask is that you understand english. Since we're fairly new, I will begin more activities after we've gotten settled in to the guild and the second rule will develop; Help those who are in need help if you can. Thank you, hope to see you there.


Join guild:1181004

sunday 19/12/2010

Hi everyone.
Looking for a player who used to go by the name Diabolil or X-Dia.
I dropped off for about two years, and just started UR again. Would like to try catch up with a few frends, but they all seem to have switched accounts...lol

Please use this forum

We are The Guild of Mysteries
We'll help you for centuries
So join up please
The Guild of Mysteries will help you level up
Did I mention the Cuponk cup??!!
The Guild of Mysteries you'll be so proud
you'll be so known you will attract a crowd!
It'll be like Oprah
Slewor's the host o'
Everday Christmas
you won't regret this
so join up now ,if you don't you will miss,
out on events and the bliss
so give you're mom a kiss
and jump over the abyss
saying tis'.......
the season i won't miss all the cool stuff
from frada from The Guild of Mysteries !!!!!!!!!

Guild:1197566 smiley

Please help get this Guild up and running.

saturday 18/12/2010

Join the new and friendly guild asian unite. You must speak english and be on at least 2 times a weak. SO if your looking for a guild which has friendly people and any 1 can join join asian unite now. This guild is new so theres not much people so please come and make it better smiley

Players level 25+ if you are look for a guild that you will have pride to that you are in that Guild, enjoy us. Here we'll share strategys and information of Urban Rivals!
- The important is fight! smiley

friday 17/12/2010

It's merry smiley

This is the guild!

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