saturday 24/04/2010

Sold! thanks for the player who helped me

My Terry Cr (MAX) for ur 2 Katan (any level)

Shann (U) 0xp 3500

I will also give these cards with the ones above.

Chlora [C]
Fifty [U]
Laetitia [U]
Loocio [C]
Sleam [U]
Massiv [U]

This thread was created long time ago..this should be closed

Pliz close thanks mods

How much for amber

Mod close plz

Toro 6.1 k

Ill do the praxie for jane ramba

I would go to some people on the market

friday 23/04/2010

Pm Me offers.
or post.

I Like bigger Crs and bulk rares (worth over 4k)

I dont mind

10 Massiv Full
10 Chlora Full


Hey guys!

I'm looking for some Praxie 0xp.

For a Praxie 0xp, I'll give either:

- 5 Anibal (R) 0xp
- or 5 Arkn (R) 0xp
- or 5 Graff (R) 0xp
- or 4 Ulrich (R) 0xp

Ideally, I'm looking to get something like 10 Praxie this way.

Thanks for looking! smiley

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