tuesday 02/03/2010

I'm trading my Tanaereva (full) for your 2 Caelus (0xp). PLMK by pm.

Thanks Mods smiley

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Please make offer or pm me. thx

thx mod

I have 2 kreens wardom Selma jautya avola pan and alot more from the new blood packs. Message me on the actual urban rivals game if you want to talk some serious trading business

Come on, Scopica 0 xp x 4 is less than Chad Bread Cr at the moment..it's a great offer!!

monday 01/03/2010

Malmoth for El Gringo 0XP
Lolly 0XP for Malia 0XP


R u kidding me?
sol hona is 1k , shakra is 6.5k
blaaster is 10.5k average
n 1 admiral pi is 4.5k u want 4 = 18k for blaaster ..lol

People! Think Before You Buy/Trade !

19500 for my jackie.

pm me if deal. smiley

I really need Blaaster

Anyone i'll pay 10k for him!!

I am looking to buy around 4 Amiral Py Cr that are below market value. When i posted this, the market price was 4339 clintz. I am looking to buy them for about 4000 clintz if they are sold seperately, or 15k for a bundle of 4.

Leave a comment or PM me with offers.


For any cards in same prize Pm-s me thanks anyway smiley

I WILL DO THE TRADE!!! But my Tessa Cr is 0xp .... If that's ok...

I have: kuei, fei, trish, gabrielle, asporov, randy, alexei, naka tsung su, fabio, don, avola, timmy, brittany, ratanah, wakai, and arno ready to trade, and you can choose any of the cards I put as long as is the same value, I have 1.8 k clintz to add if necessary

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Add 16,000 maybe

Found one, close pls

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