monday 01/03/2010

19500 for my jackie.

pm me if deal. smiley

I really need Blaaster

Anyone i'll pay 10k for him!!

I am looking to buy around 4 Amiral Py Cr that are below market value. When i posted this, the market price was 4339 clintz. I am looking to buy them for about 4000 clintz if they are sold seperately, or 15k for a bundle of 4.

Leave a comment or PM me with offers.


For any cards in same prize Pm-s me thanks anyway smiley

I WILL DO THE TRADE!!! But my Tessa Cr is 0xp .... If that's ok...

I have: kuei, fei, trish, gabrielle, asporov, randy, alexei, naka tsung su, fabio, don, avola, timmy, brittany, ratanah, wakai, and arno ready to trade, and you can choose any of the cards I put as long as is the same value, I have 1.8 k clintz to add if necessary

2 messages

Add 16,000 maybe

Found one, close pls

Can be closed !

Close this please.

sunday 28/02/2010

Close this thxsmiley

Heres what i need

Lamar cr
Vickie Cr
Price JR

I need it all preferebly from One person for less than market price. Before I get 20 pms about this I am a novice but an extremly rich one. Pm me or post, but pm is faster. I mght also have a few to trade but we'll see

Close please just sold chad bread in market

I think he wants to buy her thats why he wrote [BUY] and i think he is looking for it at 1k clintz

Ill pay 6500 for it put it in my private sale

Hes looking for a week end price

Close please thx smiley

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