saturday 27/02/2010

1 tanaereva lvl 3 +
1 tanaereva lvl 5 +
1 chad bread 0 xp

Give mw smoky cr and ill give you amiral py cr

I'm looking to buy Anibal for 1.1 k. If anybody is interested in selling, send him to my private sales.

smileywill trade a Terry Cr (1st level) for a undevelop Taljion

How much you selling them and what level?

Im BuyingLen Bee for 250 clints I will negocheate if you want me to buy for more clints

pm for fastest responce

Buy many 0xp satanly for 750 clintz..put them in my private sales please.

friday 26/02/2010

Which is why this is spam. smiley

I will buy Len Bee for 200-300 clints

Make it 3k for a deal.

Please close mods. Thank you!!!

Wardom + 5500 clintz for zatman

I going to tell u why noone wants it

it 250 clint over market price

Mods close this please thnx

Please close mods. Thank you!

I can buy him for 870 on the market XD

Now buying miss twice full for 58k

and buying wee lee 0xp for 15k each

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