wednesday 21/04/2010

I feel ya chief just looking out on members XD

tuesday 20/04/2010

I have 6 vickie cr to trade. I'm looking for mainly bulk or 4 for lao cr.

Swidz Cr Is full before anyone asks. Sorry for not saying that in my first post.

Subject close, guru traded smiley

I trade full exp aurora for any exp kerry, prices are very similar but kerry might be 200~ clintz more depends on the time of the trade so I'm willing to add extra 200 clintz.

I am selling askai full for one good player

Looking for caelus for 18.8k pm me


Trade completed.
Please close, thnx

Cancel that actually

(I can only sell 1 card per day)

I would like to purchase Praxies or Oshitsunes for 6500 apiece. Post here for offers.

I'm copyng mathwiz's style and setting goal for 1000 nobrocybix but my style is matthew all the way.
send them to my private sales if interested for 300 clints each. thanks.smiley

Auction is closed. I will individually contact each of you if you won. If you do not hear from me in the next 3 days, then I apologize but you did not win.

[Update] I do not need Bree and Gaia anymore. Still looking for the other 2.

True it is...sorry but ill rather auction these cards....mods if u can close this please thxsmiley

I closed the sale, thank you to my buyer has probably soon ^ ^

Scratch only 50 sorry

Pm' Me.

For an Amiral Py Cr, something like 20 Mojo 0xp should do the trick.

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