tuesday 23/02/2010

Lol, doesn't look like I'll be getting him for that price now smiley I guess this can be closed.

Shakra and Chiara for 9k

send me PS

any lvl as long they are in one package

People .. this is a almost 2 month old thread !

do u think he still even has those cards??

Close this thx

I'm looking for General cr + complement (around 1'500'000)

Please tell me your propositions smiley

I also will take all...just put inside my private sell

Ooops! trade was done already. Mods, please close this. Thanks!

PM Me for offers!

How about 100,000 clintz and $100 in credits!

Here is an update, I want: Titus (C), Crassus (U), arkendram, Boris (R) and Cassandra (R).

I havE: Asporov (U), Estalt (U) nah boh, Avola (U), Don (U), Fabio (U) Beetenka (U), Python (R), Hel (C), Timmy (R),

Ill offer don and 1,000 clintz for you ardmiral py cr

Ok im gonna confirm julianfriends' offer and she/he will get the prize but if something goes wrong or something the auction will stay on stay tooned!

Over market price
no one will buy them

But buy or sell?

monday 22/02/2010

I'll buy him for 2,000
trade for don(u) max or level 3

1 100 000 and a caelus

I need a massiv -

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