sunday 18/04/2010

Why are they all the same value as market? no one will buy them unless they are less

Nevermind, i got onesmiley

saturday 17/04/2010

I will buy Archibald for 600clintz pm me if you can help me out

4 somba and 4 adler for ongh

Ok i just got smokey cr for 2k less then my offer by market an load of luck lol

By the way whens this sale end

I'm gonna buy lamar cr for a price of 110 000 pm me if you want

I desperately need phyllis from the nightmare clan but my highest offer is 4700!
smileysmiley Plz PM me about it and I will be happy to trade!

Now it is closed xD

thanks mod

Angel won the...Lulabee...gratz..smileysmiley

It's amazing that a player who joined back in 2008 claims that there is such a card existing when I myself have never heard of and never encountered such an imaginary / make-believe card. And coming from a high level player?

The original poster likely made a mistake in saying it is a level 5 instead of level 4. Kinda like saying there is a level 1 Estalt when he starts out at level 2. Then a certain someone needed attention so that someone decides to create a story around the Zdrone card to get the said attention.

As for UR being hacked for a short moment that made Zdrone into a 5 big "haha" for that..quite funny story there, are there any more such stories? I seriously need to be entertained right now. lol.

And for the record..NO SUCH CARD EXISTS..End of story.

Guys, look at the date of this thread 13 FEBRUARY! Then 2 months later, Master JP just carries on by making an offer and the rest follow suit. I am closing this thread and Luffy will make a new one if he still wants to proceed with this trade smiley
Master JP, please stop digging all the old threads up! If you are interested in any, why dont you private message the seller and find out if the card is still available. Thanks smiley

The market prices have changed so the list below is what I want with their price as well as what I have and their price.
Smokey Cr 27499
Terry Cr 3999
Amiral Py Cr 0xp 5395

For Smokey Cr
Blaaster 11500
Vermyn N 9399
Shogunn 4100
Willy 4450
Total 29449
This is just 2k off. I don't think that it is such a big deal, so I will also add the clintz.
For Terry Cr
Juicy Lord 3750
Wow! You actually gain clintz. Awesome deal!smiley You save 249 clintz!

For Amiral Py Cr 0xp
Shann 3000
Bodenpower 2100
Total 5100
Lookie here. You save clintz here too. What is not to like about saving clintz??? You save 295 clintz.

In all, you save 564 clintz if you trade before 10 PM PST because I will check the prices again then.

Ill buy El Gringo and Oyoh for 3200 in total

Hey if anyone has a blaster they want to sell ill buy it for 10k. if you have one please pm me

Pls delete this i make new thread with better informations smiley

friday 16/04/2010

Anyone willing to trade your Eklore to my Eyrik + 11 000 clintz?

90 clintz? or 90K clintz?

big difference there fella smiley

I've got a Vickie Cr available, but the market price has risen recently. It was 95K recently, yet last time i looked it was around 105K.

Good luck with your auction fella.

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