tuesday 23/02/2010

Ok im gonna confirm julianfriends' offer and she/he will get the prize but if something goes wrong or something the auction will stay on stay tooned!

Over market price
no one will buy them

But buy or sell?

monday 22/02/2010

I'll buy him for 2,000
trade for don(u) max or level 3

1 100 000 and a caelus

I need a massiv -

Hey i'll buy carlos

Please close mods. Thanx.

Can i get brandon?

2 million Clintz?

Good luck with that.

Close pls traded them away

THanks again everyone for makng this message post succesful. Im getting to many questions about cards that are long gone, so I'll need to make a new post with my updated set. See you very soon everyone, and check often on the boards, I have cards as good as I had when I first started this post =D

Please close modz. Thank you

I only need rowdy now so all those cards are still on the table for a trade

Ok either pm me for bussiness or let me know on here

I know I pmed him saying it was a rip off and he swore at me smiley

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