friday 09/04/2010

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Bought thanks =D

My rowdy full xp : 9900

for your:
bloodh: 4900
scubb: 2200
tula: 990
sting: 890
i both accept 0xp and fullsmiley

No date and time. End of this auction smiley

There are rules in this forum too smiley

I have kerry

Yeah XD

I'm looking for Petra for 2400 clintz send me a private sale.

It's a hole deck sale I think. Like u have to buy them all I think

Date and time of exactly when your auction ends please smiley

Do u still want William (C) selling at 850

In need of Methane - willing to trade Ottavia AND 850 clintz for Methane. Also willing to sell Ottavia for 1150 clintz on market (offer no longer valid if my offer is gone from market)

..for a tessa 0 xpsmiley

thanks mods.

Wsait Forget what i said

thursday 08/04/2010

Sold my tana already. Thx mods. Please close this thread

Ok. It´s done. I hope all is right.

Pls close. thanks mods

Okay all the carts for uranus

1700 .. pls anyone?

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