wednesday 10/03/2010

Its hard selling Vickie at this time i selling my Vickie 0xp about 1 month ... when i sell for suck deal any Pro WISP me and he call me i can give u for 3 tanaereva ... i was tihnk i ll go shot to head with gun smiley

I buy Lao Cr
i give Kerozin (97.400) + Vickye Cr (100.000)+Splata Cr 0XP (134.000)+tessa Cr (175.000)+swid Cr(36.500)
542 k O.O and i give 8 k

I wait your oferts
i can negotiate smiley

lvl 15 senior has 230k

Your Meg for my Nimestiec.

Thnx thnx
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I change who
wants private messagesmiley

I have a whole bunch I will sell to you

Yes basically some ppl are collectors and want prefull versions of crs so they are rarer and thus more expensive

Got Glenn. Just need Davina and I will pay 355 now.

BabySpike i put the Randy's in your private sales

If this is going, i'll go 28K

I have a ton of those cards feel free to pm me

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