thursday 15/04/2010

Sold to the market

Can i trade him for no nam, chiro and owen?

Also have an admiral pi cr for trade

Do u still want copper for 11600?

No need for lulabee

no more admiral py cr

Need a cheap Hawkins to complete piranas. Offer 5k + 1-2kish card. If interested pm and thanks

Lol ^ ripoff

Sold to DAGR80NE-OK
for 1100

I am currently looking for, Bragh, Nyema, Kreen, and Greow for under market price
I am can trade Buba, Brittany, Ditha Sol Hona, Wayne Stark and Oijbway for them

Close the thread. Thx mods

wednesday 14/04/2010

Is there anyone else?

Anyone wanna buy an Essie??

send me a message or leave a comment.

My Smokey + 1.8k for
Z3r0 D34d

I need a smokey cr but only have 26500 clint if someone would be willing to well plz

So any one else ? i could divide the lot, if evrythig goes away smiley

Mod close plz.

Ok.. im buying for 10.3k

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