tuesday 30/11/2010

Hey Join The M.O.B!

Masters of Battle

monday 29/11/2010

Would you like to join our guild Heaven's Drift Academy?

We are so tough, we don't ever cry! Not even at onions! smiley
I've just made this guild, it is really new. We are looking for some new members, and I was hoping that I could get some here. I hope to see you on the guild message board.
-You must get 750 battle points a month or more
-You must be at least level 15
-You must have a 95% completion rate of battles or higher
-You must not hate on another player
-You must speak English
Here is the link to it: guild:1175800


Or, YOU can join mine lol


Check it out its a brand - new guild looking for members just made yesterday though soon the numbers will grow & as the level of the members grow you will be admitted to Gladiators which rank in the TOP 50 of alll U.s. GUILDS! If you are new to the game or just want a guild come join us at the pitt! The only requirement is that you speak English enjoy! Also gladiators are elite look at the mere levels & numbers of members not to mention our elo score smiley

sunday 28/11/2010

Lookin for a nice good guild to make friends and learn alittle more about the game and just to hav people to talk too..i'm lvl 26 nd movin up fast..

Close please, Argos isn't on and Recruitment is now off


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Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
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saturday 27/11/2010

No, its just i left another guild and i will eventually go back but i never said that.

We help each other up for success.

We need more experienced members the numbers are growing so check it out

Guild:1171932 give this guild a try the founder is a good guy n he'll come through 4 u when u need it

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[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
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friday 26/11/2010

No join take over team u will get good cards if u join

CLOSE PLEASE already found a guild

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Close please

already found a guild

“Hello Vickie…” Don said


“You have caused quite a ruckus I see... You think I did not know what you have been doing all these while?”

“… So you knew about my plans. Figured that Enzo would rat on me one day… Was it you who destroyed my plant?”

“No Vickie… The Uppers are moving…”

“I figured that much as well. So what is it going to be? Let me live while we fight against them? You know you need me in the clan.”

“…you’re wrong Vickie. In fact, we are cooperating with the Uppers now.”

“What! You are an old fool! We are a great clan! Why do we need the Upp-,” Vickie stuttered. In her eyes she saw a car with Don and Enzo in front of her.

“Goodbye Vickie. I am sorry.” Those were the last words that Vickie heard from the phone before the car rammed into her hard. Vickie was squashed between her car and the other car. Enzo then drove off.

‘…..Lyse… Ka Te…’ She gave her last breath and her life left the world.

Come on over to Mirror Bound

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