saturday 30/01/2010

Close please

[TRADE] I offer Ratanah for Bryan.

Kk close plz

I got meh dacote for 750 when it waz still cheap
ps. u arent gonna get any1 with that much buyin ur cards

Pm me for detail, thank
Ongh 0exp willing to take any sylth lvl

3 glenn for scubb or 4 hawkins noel for buba

Ill trade my 2 0xp zat

I have everyone except krash, hax, alec and marco anything you want for a good price of course

DO NOT pull up old threads! Especially if you're making a horrible offer! smiley

friday 29/01/2010

The filler can be sold. And over time, it will be worth more.
And I don't want a Guru Cr at the moment.

I'll just find a way to make another 3254362143214 clintz.

I will buy if you have less than 100 too smiley

Close. Thanks mods!! smiley

This can close mods. thanks.

Pick the Rainbow booster. you might get junk from it but ive gotten Jackie and Zatman and plenty of other good cards from them.

Any one?

I am willing to buy chan or fei. If you are interested please PM me or reply at least.

Fei 2000
Chan 1250

Thx mods.

I am looking for lots of jeto for 120 clintz each or less
if you have big lots pm me

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