sunday 14/02/2010

Got one, please close

1* selling for 900

Trade for Piranas or Fang Pi Clang.

Msg for faster response.

Plz close mods i got the nistarok

You got your Warren, so we're closing this smiley

Psylo for methane or toro

saturday 13/02/2010

I got them now, mods can close this

ALL SAY post offer smal cheap max 500 clintz or trade for any cards

Sorry i just want fifty and gyro and im not rich ill give u two rare cardz and 200 clintz!!!!

15 515 + Methane and Bristone

Please close mods 70% sold

Close this mods 70 % sold

Already bought one... please close

I have 2 Jeff 2* to be sold together for 300clintz
this is a bargain as they are ussually 196clintz each! smiley
plz buy! smiley

Close pls smiley

Artemis... smiley
at this time Lyse Teria cr 0exp price is 5mln clintz
Lyse Teria cr full exp price is 6.5mln clintz

do you trade Lyse teria cr 0exp + 1.5mln clintz for lyse teria cr full? smiley smiley smiley
Anyway I do! I close! smiley

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