sunday 21/03/2010

What do you have to offer?
PM me.

Ryder started off with a Globumm and ended up with a nice Collector.
{ D } is simply trying his hand at the same sort of thing smiley
Good luck mate.

saturday 20/03/2010

Got her

Tremorh for 2100

I trade them for la junta cards or sellthem for clintz
Just offer

Samantha or Boohma

PM me or post here

Thanks you

Who's winning? i offer 55 000

Ambre chad bread cr grasmxtt uranas chloe peeler vermyn n and marina must be atleast 5% within market value to be considred

I think ill take you up on that offer.

I found one smiley

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I'll trade. If Rolph is 0XP.

I have traded the cards ! can someone please delete this topic ?

Thanks in advance .

Wow his price is about 5k on the market man

I'll sell u jody for 670 pm me if u want

I am trading Alec cr(full xp) for the full gheist clan -collectors. I just added up market value as of now the difference is about 400-500 this will change either way but the offer stands. Pm me if you are interested.

0exp or maxed for 600 clintx

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