saturday 03/04/2010

I am selling/trading the following cards for 42k for the lot or will trade for Allstars/Jungos

Hey guys, I am buying all your buba 0xp for 450 clintz each... if u have a large amount of them my price can go up...

Just put them in my private sales


I bought Bristone, I only need Rolph and Arkn

Hey guys, I am trading lao cr and 1 rass cr

I estimate my lao 0xp at 550k and my lao full xp at 530k

I also estimate my rass cr 0xp at 525k

All trade offers will be reviewed..

Also if u wish to contact me quicker dont hesitate to send me a message

I have all 3, however the fact that all of them total around 12000 combined...well...for 9000 nty

Hi! I would like to buy lots of Brittanys and Krashessmiley

Hi trade my Ndololo Cr for this small Crs :

1x Tessa Cr
1x Lamar Cr
1x Kerozinn Cr
1x Vickie Cr
1x Splata Cr

Please send me a message with your offer smiley

Thanks mods

Anybody? smiley

As babyspike did not finished the deal yet i will be receiving offers until tonight 11:00 pm, then i will close the auction, thank you again.

Agreed with DnL
Someone just close this pointless spam thread.

Oh well..smiley I've made my choice..ShareHolder Won the auction smileysmiley

I just realize that the end date is so wanna end this now.. so please close this already..smiley thx..modz.. smiley

Thanks for joining PPLZ..smiley

I== ll give u Dagouba and Askai 0xp pm with your offer

Also willing to sell for just 30k just pm me

Hello there,

I would like to purchase your jenny 0xp for 100 clintz or less. Thankz

Sorry i meant Tessa Max. Any takers??

Hello, buying Smokey Cr. PM for offers.

friday 02/04/2010

Piranas plus somokey= 81k remeber the market changes
Rescue Plus Alec=95k
Ill add 8k for the entire all star clan plus the crs

My offer adds to 184k All star clan is 183k so its a good deal for both parties.

pm and post

thanks mods

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