sunday 24/01/2010

Vicky Cr + Alec Cr

30000 contre ton Alec Cr

2 Vicky contre ton Flavio

Im selling my alec cr for 40,000 or more

Je t'échange 3 Keui + 1000 clintz contre ton zatman

Dsl je ne voi pas c qu'elle carte :s

Sold it, you can close it now

Anita, Glosh, and Elvira plz=)

Can anyone sell me Buba or Adler cheaper than market price?I want many of them

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Ill take kolos for 15000

My caelus level 4 + 5K to your jackie and Zatman full

I'll give you 1500.

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I got 13k clintz and im willing to trade copper, and chiara, but chiara is full exp. If you want to do the copper trade im willing to put up 9k and copper for jackie, that should be even since jackie is 19k now and for chiara ill put up 13k and the card for jackie

[TRADE] I offer Ratanah and Yookie for Z3r0 D34d.

Trade yayoi full for an oshitsune full+1k
pm me or post here

thnks modz

Well for private it's based on how much your selling the card
and selling the cards to kate is is based on the the value and all

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