saturday 06/02/2010

Price of shawoman - 650.000
price of marlysa - 740.000
complement - 150.000
650.000+150.000 = 800.000 clintz
800.000- 740.000 = 60.000 clintz - how much you will winsmiley

Mod, i'm really sorry but: Lamar Cr Level 5 - bought from Darks Angel - 114 999 Clintz.
just found 6k cheaper than market... You can close this subject thanx smiley

Closed this please.

Thanks MODS! smiley

Accept my other subject: [BUY] Hawkins

My offer : 55000 clintz

pm me or post here

thanks modssmiley

He told me he already traded it.
Dude! Tell the mods to close it, then! LMAOsmiley

Close the subject> Thanks

Lamar and swidz cr?

Please i want a good deal not a vickie cr for a kreen

friday 05/02/2010

Hmmm any one want like i said arrangements can be made like clintz diffrent cards that i might want etc.

Close the post pliss, thanks everybody

Close please

I have alec and splata full

Got it. thank you all. Plz close. Thank mods

I am looking for i kenny which i can buy for 9 to 10K
OR i will offer some of my Cards like Graksmxxt or uranus or others.
Leave a message that says what you want for Kenny. or what cards

Thanks mods

Whoa that's pretty harsh Share holder... XD

Trade done!
Thanks Cody Sedai! And thank you mods!
Please close

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