friday 12/03/2010

Already traded Close please

My uranus for your Rowdy, simple and sweet.
Pm me for change to the deal,
Thanks mods. smiley

Trading Flavio CR 0xp for other CR trades.

Entertaining all offers. Please PM me for a faster reply.


If you guys need an extra Vansaar then I've got one for you I'll sell it for 200 clintz 1st one to PM me gets it for 200 clintz so you better hurry!

This is an olddddd thread smiley

I'm looking to buiy XU52 for 3,000clintz.
Please either PM me or put it in my private trades and i will buy the first one.

Y'all can close this, thanks.

MY Kolos 0xp For Your Diyo Cr 0xp


My Jay For Your Emeth

thursday 11/03/2010

1 General Cr gone, 1 left to trade!

I will trade azgroth for shakra pm people smiley

Vickie Cr has been traded as well smiley

@kira - I'm sure everyone enjoyed your rather prophetic insight on my reason for buying.
I'm not sure why you felt a need to spam my thread though?

Ah yes. Now i remember. You just enjoy posting.
If anyone reading this doesn't believe me check this out: deleted
Over 8400 pages of posts !!!!!!

I will trade my Akendra full for your avola full.

Im interested in Tobbie (C), I have an extra Ricardo (C)

Sticker is now 9999 so 9850

Mods please close

MODS please close i have gotten Blaaster

I sell it or i change mesmiley

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