wednesday 03/02/2010

I am looking for a Morphun,am willing to trade a ambre and graksmxxt for it

Mods please close i got one

Ok then 18.5k for jackie...... any1 take?

Mods can you close this please, thankyou.

Well...i traded'm uranus, and got for it psylo, edd, fabio, lehane, chan, oscar, and you can take those out of the

Close plz!

tuesday 02/02/2010

Close mods

I'm interessing => private message

Pm me if you want to make the trade

I want to buy a Blaaster under te marker price around 9.5k clintz

That's weird, got it for exactly that on the market smiley Mods you can close this now smiley

Can be closed now mods, thanks smiley

Close please


Mod pls close...i want to create a more detailed thread...i'll be putting in more cards on the vend for the new thread.


Still nobody wants :S

Please close mods. Thanks. (I found em both!)

1075 clintz
or another card

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