saturday 23/01/2010

Ill buy your Hawkins for 7.5k(maybe a little higher)and Bloodh for 4.7k if thats to low ill try to get more but please pm me soon so i can finish my new piranas deck

Or i can just buy her for ~4000, anyone?

The price is negotiable! Just PM!

Im trading her for
pm me

My offer 2863 clintz and a hel thrown in as well.

I'm looking mainly for a Ghumbo any XP level, but I'll also trade Peeler and 500 clintz for Shayna.

Mods please close

Sorry now i need nobrodroid

[TRADE] I offer Rowdy for Wardom and Z3r0 D34d

You can close this

Nope, robb was 1900 yesterday, muze was 900.

I'm still looking I'm adding a wee lee to the offer

Wanna buy Vickie CR. got 90k right now.
Can also offer some cards (like uranus) to cover the diff.

friday 22/01/2010

Buying Muze 0 xp for 1100 clintz each.
Just put in my private sales.

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This message is 16 days old .. you really think he will still be buying at this price.. lol come on people

mod you should close this... lol

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