tuesday 19/01/2010

Im interested in ghumbo, glorg and nistarok how much u want for them. I also have all sentinels execpt for owen and all crs

Ive got a lehane, bristone and arkn wat will that get me

Got it. pls close thx.

My Zatman for your Sylth

As the title says, i'm willing to buy a few wolfgang 0 xp cards for 650 clintz each.

You can put them on private sales or due to market price changes send a private message for negotiation if interested.

Thanks in advance.

Sold close mods ty

I got one, thanks mods please close this

Vicky cr and 15k?

I'd like to buy Selma and Scubb for a little under the regular price.
I was thinking 3300-3500 for Selma and 1200-1400 for scubb.

monday 18/01/2010

Thnx silver but no thnx

How many clintz do you want for adler and askai?

Omfg if u write this 2 days ago i buy this ... smileysmiley

Sujet close

Un Alex Cr contre un Ongh + un Sylth +3000

Im here in order to buy charlie
This is my Offer Owen+2k .
I acept PM and i can get other deals.
Ty mods

Ton ombre contre ma Vicky + 7k

Vickie cr is now gone but i have smokey cr and alec cr up for trade. REASONABLE OFFERS ONLY PLEASE.

I got a kerozinn Cr for sale offers?

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