sunday 07/03/2010

Mods please close

Caelus 17000
eveyone thing is gone

Dude, a cr is a collector card, having one means an instant 4k or above fortune, see carefully and you'll see that diyo cr worth 23k-24k, enough for you to buy 2 decent decks from 2 clans and a few more good cards from one clan

send me jackie to 50
and I send cassio to 5050
sorry my english is............................bluffffff

please close
thanks mod

Trade complete! please close!


I am selling or trading my Ojibway 0xp.
I would accept 5500 clintz which is currenlty around 300 clintz cheaper than his price on the market or a trade offer worth at least 5000 clintz.

Here are some of my preferred trade offers:
-Selma and Ulrich
-Bryan and gatline [I may add clintz to this trade]

You could post your offer here or send me a PM

nobrodroid for praxie or oshitsune +clitnz/cards

I have the following to offer for a maxed or 0xp Kolos


Pm me if you agree if you dont then post what you would like to change!

Thank you mods.

Smokey Cr 0xp = 28 000/Tete direct in ptivate vente smiley

I'd also be willing to sell most of the cards I'v elisted above if the price is right. Feel free to make offers either way.

saturday 06/03/2010

Sorry all sold
close please

I'm selling Cassandra for 1650 clintz.
Pm me if you want to make the deal.

Is it YOUR smokey cr for my caelus N jay or MY smokey cr for your caelus N jay?

My Offer is Smokey Uranus pm me with detail i maybe add more thanks a lot

Hi !
wanna trade zatman full xp for sakhrom ,ulu watu or sentinel.

thanks to the moderation

Nolan, please make a new thread and say what your reserve price is. Also make the end date 7 or 10 days from now. I dont think the players need a month to bid smiley

Auction has ended. Please finish the deal with the highest bidder smiley

Mods kindly close this please. tnx smiley

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