sunday 17/01/2010

Ok Pm Me 1 Stanly (C) 0xp
1 Oxen (U) 0xp
7 Glenn (U) 0xp
1 Glenn (U) full
1 Corvus (R) Lvl 2
For Chumbo

Close please .

Close please i dont want to buy it anymore

Fast trade, tnx mods and plz close smiley

OMG 391 for 175k xD Lol .

i can give you 32k for them lol

I buy u alec cr for jackie and zatman

I Have a Corvus PM me ur offer

Want Marylsa , Ndololo , General

I have 0xp jackie.. what's your offer??

Close her on up please

Ill buy toro for 2000

Trading Stanly for a card of similar value or for clintz.
PM with offer

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