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friday 26/11/2010

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Close please

already found a guild

“Hello Vickie…” Don said


“You have caused quite a ruckus I see... You think I did not know what you have been doing all these while?”

“… So you knew about my plans. Figured that Enzo would rat on me one day… Was it you who destroyed my plant?”

“No Vickie… The Uppers are moving…”

“I figured that much as well. So what is it going to be? Let me live while we fight against them? You know you need me in the clan.”

“…you’re wrong Vickie. In fact, we are cooperating with the Uppers now.”

“What! You are an old fool! We are a great clan! Why do we need the Upp-,” Vickie stuttered. In her eyes she saw a car with Don and Enzo in front of her.

“Goodbye Vickie. I am sorry.” Those were the last words that Vickie heard from the phone before the car rammed into her hard. Vickie was squashed between her car and the other car. Enzo then drove off.

‘…..Lyse… Ka Te…’ She gave her last breath and her life left the world.

Come on over to Mirror Bound

Limited time only! Join Awesome Sauce-the active sauce guild! Think you're potent? Climb aboard!


Try the http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild:1171505 we need some members and we are active

thursday 25/11/2010

The Confederacy is looking for new members.
We hope to help you become a respectable gentleman inside the UR world.
Apply today!

wednesday 24/11/2010


Visit the link on the top, and click apply

Whats ur guild stats? im lvl 9, ok, and have a green face.

First card you must buy : Hugo (full hugo only 300)
i know you will get him later but believe me Hugo will be usefull, and after you get him sell him at 0 xp for 400-500
and for cheap clans try Montana
Hugo + Montana = smiley

Good Luck smiley


tuesday 23/11/2010


If you seek knowledge and power above all else join project phoenix, the next urban rivals legend.

level 15+ only please. must be active.

recruit your friends, make new ones, and share battle winning strategies each other.

if we all help each other, winning big in tournaments, ect. benefits all as we can fund collections and stronger decks

Up to a whopping two members! Now, we just need two more, and we'll have a valid clan that won't get deleted in 2 days from now. Any Level 10+ People who play Mono-Ulu Watu? I know you're out there, I can't be the only one.

monday 22/11/2010

If you are still interested, then you can join guild:1060790 if you want to. smiley

sunday 21/11/2010


Jedi Card tricks currently recruiting
win must be higher than lose even if it's by 1
green face
English language
and must be active in UR

follow link for more info JOIN NOW!!!


XD found a guild. Please close.

You can join The New Guy Guild.smiley

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