sunday 14/02/2010

I'm searching tanaereva for 20000 clintz

Looking to trade Dalhia for Skeelz Jay and Cwing

Tremorh and Owen
PM me with offers

Thx mods

Got one, please close

1* selling for 900

Trade for Piranas or Fang Pi Clang.

Msg for faster response.

Plz close mods i got the nistarok

You got your Warren, so we're closing this smiley

Psylo for methane or toro

saturday 13/02/2010

I got them now, mods can close this

ALL SAY post offer smal cheap max 500 clintz or trade for any cards

Sorry i just want fifty and gyro and im not rich ill give u two rare cardz and 200 clintz!!!!

15 515 + Methane and Bristone

Please close mods 70% sold

Close this mods 70 % sold

Already bought one... please close

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