monday 04/01/2010

Chad Has been sold on market on accident for 400 by mistake and wont be returned so he is gone

sunday 03/01/2010

I own ludwig, Na boh,Nimestiec,slopsh,TrinmkkT,Venus,Samantha

There about 44k for both on the market at the moment but im stingey and don't want to spend those extra clintz =]

I got 160k for tessa cr
250k for dragan cr
pm me
thx modz smiley

Hey guys. I want to buy any level and any exp. Nina or Zdrone.
I want to buy them for about 140-170 clintz per guy.
Please send me as many as you want to my private sales.
OR pm if you plan to sell me a lot we can work out a nice little deal.
Thanks to all.

I need Kerry at any level preferably 0 exp
tell me what to trade if you want to sell 6500 at any level, 6800 at 0 exp
please pm me for offers!

Looking for other crs like splata, lamar, tessa or dragan
i'll add clintz to a trade if needed
can also pm me if interested
tnx modssmiley

Ok envoi nyema and coby

I made the deal already, please close thissmileysmiley

My Zatman ( 10,5k ) for ur Buba ( 2,3 k ), Bruce ( 900 ) , Gatline ( 2,4 k ) , Estalt 800 , Yookie 420 , Jeena 900 , Liu 1,8 and Muze 900
Zatman 10,5 x All 10,3

u have + 200 clitz if u accept this write here or Pm me

Mod´s THX smiley

Il buy both put them in my private sales

Ok, i will add 2,000 clintz to the offer.

What do u want

Please post up what you have to offer, im particualarly looking to exchange for a vickie if possible, please no stupid offers

thnx mods

Please close mods already traded ty smiley

My elya cr (full) for ur lamar cr+clintz/card

can be clintz or card like jackie to make up a difference plz pm

I am looking for Ulrich prefer 0Xp
Mini Mund
will also put in credits for a trade or I will buy him form you for current market value

I am auctioning
Kerozinn Cr (average price 100K
Eyla Cr (average price 140K
Seldnor Cr (average price 30K)

The auction begins now and ends Monday at 3 pm
Begins at 250K
Buyout price 280K
please both post on the forums AND pm me your offers. This is being done to prevent peoples auctions from being seen because they had not yet been approved by the Mods

Just So You Know, I Want Zatman Or Jackie.
I Was Willing To Trade:
Miss Lulabee, Lulabee, George, And Nanook for Zatman or Jackie.
PM Me And We'll Discuss The Price.

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