saturday 13/02/2010

15 515 + Methane and Bristone

Please close mods 70% sold

Close this mods 70 % sold

Already bought one... please close

I have 2 Jeff 2* to be sold together for 300clintz
this is a bargain as they are ussually 196clintz each! smiley
plz buy! smiley

Close pls smiley

Artemis... smiley
at this time Lyse Teria cr 0exp price is 5mln clintz
Lyse Teria cr full exp price is 6.5mln clintz

do you trade Lyse teria cr 0exp + 1.5mln clintz for lyse teria cr full? smiley smiley smiley
Anyway I do! I close! smiley

Just like the title me for fast response...smiley

Close please mods smileysmiley

Thank you

All sold already smiley

I have a Mini Mund max level.

friday 12/02/2010

Caelus is worth less than both Ongh and Sylth. What would you do to make it fair?

How about i trade u for that uranus

I am looking to purch a 0xp Jim Cr for around 56K in cards or Clintz your choice


Azel - 3000 clintz - 3 stars

all other cards are gone...... so just azel left

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