sunday 17/01/2010

Want Marylsa , Ndololo , General

I have 0xp jackie.. what's your offer??

Close her on up please

Ill buy toro for 2000

Trading Stanly for a card of similar value or for clintz.
PM with offer

Please use the existing thread

Ill take it for 211clitz

I want to sell my Thomson(C) for at least 200 clintz.


Also accepting niva.

Selling the following:
Chlora x 4 (450 ea)
Adler x 4 (500 ea)
Buba x 4 (800 ea)
Avola x 1 (2235)
Milovan x 1 (425)
Matthew x 1 (400)
Walden x 1 (180)
Tobbie x 4 (125)
Stanly x 5 (800 ea)
Glenn x 2 (625)
Corvus x 1 (3000)

Looking For:
Praxie x 1
Dwan x 1
Owen x 1
Oshitsune x 1
Rowdy x 1
Gil x 1
GraksmxxT x 1
Zatman x 1

Please post offers on here. Some cards aren't maxed so if you're interested in a card I'll let you know if I currently have an evolved version and/or the xp on the un-evolved. On the multiples I have at least one maxed. I am willing to combine cards to equal a card on the 'Looking For' list. Thanks. smiley

I can offer Kenny for 8500 clintz.

Both for gyro or vassili or dolly and ghiestling or mojo or ricardo and mort bax or greesh or dante


I just wanna a owen and a caelus

saturday 16/01/2010

Buying smokey cr he is 18000 on market now buying 1 full or 0xp for 17k cash now

I got zatman and dose cards r not worth it ?

I am selling Spiaghi 0xp X 150 for a total of 165,000(1100 each) in clintz or 175,000(1166 each) in trade.
I will not reduce the price and I prefer not to break them up in smaller groups.
This is a good price for these.

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