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sunday 21/11/2010

When you join The New Guy Guild you will gain many friends, we wright random quotes on the message board (wich is really funsmiley)

so, if you want to join click on the link below:


saturday 20/11/2010

Join Maori we are a new multicultural guild and we are hoping tos et up some guild battles, events and much more!


- ELO 1200
- Level 30
- Active in Guild Message board and Guild Chat
- Friendly
- Helpful
- Loyal
- Active

If you have this come and join now you are welcome in this guild.

for those pinoy player sali na kayo welcome kayo smiley

Thanks smiley
Game Heroes

ROAP is a guild dedicated to make its members better and strengthen itself as a whole. We have guild tourny's for nice prizes and wreck the competition. There is no required skill level to join, but only those that can prove dedication through being a member will remain in the guild. check it oot

friday 19/11/2010

It's contest weekend here in the Veritas Aequitas Guild! Join today for your chance to win Clints and Characters in the LIMERICK CHALLENGE!

(part 2)

Hel did not answer, her master would just hit her again if she did.
The Spectre paid no heed to Hel, he merely absorbed the light through his palm and breathed in a sigh of content.
“You withheld this from me for too long. The soul of your sister means nothing to me but it will have to do for now,” he muttered with a low hiss and withdrew his arm back within the Cloak Of Shadows.
“But, you promised...” Hel started to speak before a sharp motion from the cloaked figure suddenly cut her voice short, making her unable to utter anything else.
“It would be wise for you not to speak lest you are spoken to,” hissed out the figure whilst his magical grip on Hel’s throat had made her start to panic and grow wide-eyed with fear.
“If I had not need of you, you would already be dead,” he stated before finally releasing the hold, which caused Hel to be able to breathe once again.
Hel collapsed to her knees as she gasped in the air. Not that she really needed it, but she knew the hold the master had upon her was one to take her soul away. Needless to say, she did not feel the need to make an outburst of protest again.

(to be continued...)

This should go here for future reference


thursday 18/11/2010

The most private guild n all of America has finnaly created an Academy
Min Requirements
1100 or higher in ELO

FCM: Alpha wants you ppl if you have what it takes move on to step 2
JOIN!!! guild:1164992

Read these stories first before reading this.
Vansaar - http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&subject_page=0&id_subject=1625417
Hugo - http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&subject_page=0&id_subject=1470527
Dawn of the Leaders - http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&subject_page=2&id_subject=1625453

Dawn of the Leaders: Vickie

Vickie was raised in a small farm. However, when you find out she's the Don's mother's niece's second cousin by marriage's god-daughter, it all becomes clear to her that she can become somebody. After she was sought out by Don, she joined the Montana clan and immediately became one of the most feared in the clan. She met Lyse Teria who was also equally respected and feared in the clan. Lyse Teria was from an ordinary family but does not have any family connections with Don. However, Don had always treated Lyse Teria as if she is his daughter. Vickie was close to Lyse Teria as the time passes seeing her as her equal. Until one day when she received news that Lyse Teria died in a mission. She couldn’t believe the news and asked Don what was the mission about in order to obtain clues for what had happened to Lyse Teria. But she was shocked that Don was not interested in it and stated that Lyse Teria was a disposal. By that time, Vickie then realized that Don does not care what happens to the people around him even though the person is very close.

The ever-growing DvFa welcomes you with open armssmileysmiley

Join the Rebellion today!

A great new up and coming guild, join or miss out. smiley

wednesday 17/11/2010

We need 3 more peole to get the guild started


If you seek knowledge and power above all else join project phoenix, the next urban rivals legend.

level 15+ only please. must be active.

recruit your friends, make new ones, and share battle winning strategies each other.

if we all help each other, winning big in tournaments, ect. benefits all as we can fund collections and stronger decks


Amazing guild! Join today! smiley

Looking for an awesome guild with members who are NOT afraid to help each other out? Then Join The Society of the Crimson Sword. We mix two of the most awesome things, Great friends and NINJAS! yes we are a society of NINJAS! If you are interested just check us out!!! http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1131779

tuesday 16/11/2010

Thanks for the tip guys, Helps a lot to get some cedits =). Luckily got a 3k+ clintz from a pack.

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