tuesday 12/01/2010

I am buying blaaster for 8k
well if anyone is kind enough

thx mods

@farcryy, i am looking for a trade, i do not plan on selling the cards. If I wanted to do that, i could always just put them on the market.

Any level
90k if anybody is willing put it on my private sales thank you.
fixed price can't add any cards

message me if you have a counter deal

48k put in my ps please

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I'll give you my Melissa Cr and all my skeelz

Malmoth x139 and dreen x421 smiley rdy to trade for any cr at any amount as long the deal is fear smiley and selling for good prive :

Malmoth : 1300-1200

dreen : 350-500

PM so we can make offers .

YOOKIE - do you love it or hate ?

Do you want to make a big profit ? See the market price !!!

If you have more than 100 Yookie, let me know ...

Anyway - I am selling 160 yookies , 850 each = 136.000

Or - I can trade them ... let me know

I forgot, please close this deal mods. Thank you again

Whatever I can get

I will trade my lvl2 unagi + 300 clintz for your 0xp unagi I have plenty.

Mine is the one 0xp
u can pm me
tnx modssmiley

Never mind i already sold
close this please

Normal trade where cards are of the same value = Both you and the other player sell the cards to each other for 50 clintz.

Pls close this thx.

I have made the trade. alec cr is gone

My cards' value are about 22-24k

Please close thanks

monday 11/01/2010

I ll get u 2 marcos 4 1 card any cr apart from amiral py and terry

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