monday 08/02/2010

I have all the gheist
pm me

sunday 07/02/2010

I made a mistake please close

Mods plz close

My 3 Don + 1k for your Chiara

One of the Don is 0exp the other two are max

Vickie Cr Jackie Zatman Ongh Caelus

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Please Close

Nakata and yusuke

Are u willing to pay 550 for adler tip put timber in your team and if u r going against someone with sop opp abilty do fury and adler will be a 8/12 instant kill

Really needd a cheap hawk please any of my friends or any 1 please pm me i need him 4 cheap but pm me we can negotiate

Buying crap lvl 4s not maxxed jody winifred jody ect for 250 each leave in ps please

I don't think people would want to lose their money maybe if you add a compensation people like me would offer you their Hawkins and Selma

Depends what you wanna have for your CR! I can offer you a Jackie!

This post is 6-7 months old, who dug up the dirt?

Close pls i sold it

Thanks Mrs.Mod smiley

Everybody says that, and they're working on it, i think...

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