monday 11/01/2010

I have a Dahlia
Looking to trade 5* Dahlia and clintz for:

or 5*Dahlia for:
Clintz + Bloodh

All based on market value

I am looking for a dragan cr. In exchange I have a lot of Cr's which can make up an offer along with some money.

Please PM me.

When does this auction end?

I would take all Hawkins Noel für 185-190/ piece.
If you are interested, just send me a PM.


R they maxed and o exp

Pls close this thx.

I got 1 zatman 0xp. pm me if u wanna trade.

Buying lamar i will give you vickie plus 10k

All oxp 600 a piece plus one free so 7200

Selling vickie for 110k
trading for lamar plus i will give 10k

Got rid of my kolos...
Mods close please.

Sent Kristin and Tula for a little under the market price. smiley

Lol! Mods, please close the subject. Thanks!

MANONS REAL PRICE ISNT 2.5M ITS 2.1M for those big crs the market isnt always right

How much for Randy and El Gringo?

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