sunday 07/02/2010

I get all, close the post pliss, thanks everybody smiley

1* versions of these. As many as you have I will buy pm or post if interested.
I am buying at market price.
If you have any other 1* please pm me to see whether I will buy them or not.

saturday 06/02/2010

Pls. close this offer.
Thx mods.

How can i put this on the french message board?

Can close this, mods. Thanks!smiley

Close please.

Its the 1 that gives 4 pills

Price of shawoman - 650.000
price of marlysa - 740.000
complement - 150.000
650.000+150.000 = 800.000 clintz
800.000- 740.000 = 60.000 clintz - how much you will winsmiley

Mod, i'm really sorry but: Lamar Cr Level 5 - bought from Darks Angel - 114 999 Clintz.
just found 6k cheaper than market... You can close this subject thanx smiley

Closed this please.

Thanks MODS! smiley

Accept my other subject: [BUY] Hawkins

My offer : 55000 clintz

pm me or post here

thanks modssmiley

He told me he already traded it.
Dude! Tell the mods to close it, then! LMAOsmiley

Close the subject> Thanks

Lamar and swidz cr?

Please i want a good deal not a vickie cr for a kreen

friday 05/02/2010

Hmmm any one want like i said arrangements can be made like clintz diffrent cards that i might want etc.

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