tuesday 29/12/2009

Just in case: you can close this now, thanks - I've got what I wanted.

I will trade My Kolos,Ghumbo,Azgorth and Azel for Your Nelie,Zataman,Jackie and Dorian!PMme

I currently have 2 249 607 clintz.
And I am willing to buy an unevolved Manon Cr (0xp) for this price.

For ur Katan (preffer 0 xp ) if ok send me PM smiley

mod thx smiley

I want to buy steve for 4,000 clintz pls.. just to have a deck.. thanks..

I'am offering these cards for Kerozinn Cr (Cr):

Tanaereva (U)=38k
Wee Lee (U)=15.5k
Hikiyousan (U)=8.5k
Wardom (R)=11k
Toro (U)=7.5k
Lin Xia (U)=5k
Leviatonn (R)=7.5k
which is a grand total of 93k. pm me if your interested

What do you want to trade or sell them for slimshady?

Hello, I buy Jim Cr for 62.000 clintz Thanks!smiley

Which clans do you want? You don't have any fair trade on these posts. I'll make a fair trade if I have nice cards of the clans you pretend.

If it isn't good enough, tell me your price...

monday 28/12/2009

Hey im looking to sell Ambre 18k QUICKSALE! feel free to pm me

thanks mods

Lol hes not gona buy it ill buy 4.5k

Need jay or caelus willing to trade coppersmileysmiley

Close please and thank you

Mods pls close thank's anyway

Moderators, please close subject

Ill buy it for 22k

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