sunday 10/01/2010

Please Close!

Thank you,

Louise - 4,000
Britanny - 4,000
Yayoi - 8,000
Ella - 450
Ditha - 9,500

Close please

I buy him for 4500c. Just sell me private if interested. Thanks. All the love..

For sale starting bid 1150 guarenttedd winning bid 2000

Close please, thanks

I have lulabee and stanly
i will give u both for 4500 clintz

Hey i am looking to buy a Miss Twice cr for 55 000 clintz. Please pm me if you can coz i really badly want her

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Mods please close

Subject closed

Subject clos

Subject Closed

Trade has been complete. Made business with : devolve, no trade problem at all smiley
You can close, thanks again smiley

I trade terry cr for your Alec cr

All of them are 0xp

No one has ghumbo ? smiley

I wanna buy Ongh for 15.5k anyone?

Im trading my oexp jackie for 100 borss dont care what exp

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