friday 05/02/2010

Close the post pliss, thanks everybody

Close please

I have alec and splata full

Got it. thank you all. Plz close. Thank mods

I am looking for i kenny which i can buy for 9 to 10K
OR i will offer some of my Cards like Graksmxxt or uranus or others.
Leave a message that says what you want for Kenny. or what cards

Thanks mods

Whoa that's pretty harsh Share holder... XD

Trade done!
Thanks Cody Sedai! And thank you mods!
Please close

Is anyone interested?

Selling Adler (525C), Glenn(590C), Winifred (105C) And Robin(105C) All Full Exp they are on market...hurry up someone will buy it before u.....

I sent a PM.

If it's your 0xp for my full xp Smokey Cr. Then I will surely do that trade!

350 k for berserkgirlcr 100k for elya 15 k for smokey

The part where i say " +cards or clintz " is only for when nahi costs more forgot to mention that

Close this I made the trade.

Hey make it 200 and i will take it thanks

I got everyone from ulu watu except tanerava hikiukisan

I buying the following cards at 600 clintz 0xp

thursday 04/02/2010

Close please.


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