saturday 09/01/2010

Please close mods smiley

thanks for all your help smiley

13k clintz?

5 x Stanley level 4?

Selling for 300 pm me

You should really stop trying to scam this guy.
Reddevil, those cards don't even reach 10K and kolos is 20K, meaning he will lose out by more than 10K.

My offer is 2 chikko cr 0xp + clintz

Pm me

Another deal
malia, rick, john , zdrone ,tobbie, havok mirinda, chloe, rebeca , carlos for hax, kerry and marco

I but him for 7000

Caelus (R) Jay (R) Tomas (R) Chiara (U) Aylen (U) Corvus (R) and shasha Cley (C) (C), Liam (C) (C), Milton (C) (C), Zeke (U)

for kolos

Thnx kid a but no one have ghumbo ??

How about Pan or Lelena for Bragh

Final decision to sell or not? I think not, that is why I advised you to put in a reserve price smiley

If its still there ill buy it, i pm'd u a few hours ago

For 52k clintz plus seldnor and swidz cr

Offering: elya, swidz, seldnor, kero all full xp
looking for: lamar, splata, tessa (any xp for all)

i entertain combinations...not all offer for all looking for just to be clear

i can add clintz too...u can also pm me

I'm buying not selling..

friday 08/01/2010

Please close thanks

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