sunday 27/12/2009

I have all this Cr cards to trade to other biggers Crs

Terry Cr 0xp
Amiral Py Cr Full xp
Chikko Cr Full xp
Chad Bread Cr Full xp
Smokey Cr Full xp
Geuner Cr 0xp
Diyo Cr 0xp
Seldnor Cr 0xp
Cassio Cr 0xp
Swidz Cr 0xp
Thaumaturge Cr 0xp
Nahi Cr Full xp
Reine Cr Full xp

Make your offers. Thanks mods

I'll get back to you soon then.

He means
Please Moderators please accept smiley

10k and i buy and you get an adler for free

I want to buy Elya Cr.. For clints... Pm me with offers

Im ending this auction its doing terrible so i end it forget about bidding if ur interested just email me and ill talk

Mods close please

No need to be pinninicky death knightx

May be closed ty

Close pls

Buying Manfred. 0 exp level 1. Has to be under 1.5K. Reasonable price, since fully leveled sells for 1.4K. Message or post offers.

Need a Tanaereva under market by a little smiley

Wow, rip much, rowdy is like 3k more, and you want us to add clintz????

I have Adler, Askai, Sylth, but no Greow. Want to trade?

Chikko Cr and Terry Cr for Zatman

pm me offers

thanks mods

saturday 26/12/2009

Ok i'm not selling smokey Cr seperate, its all or nothing and that would be too cheap.
i got everything exept for the Crs, kolos, nerfeniti, timmy and azel.
i already got avola

Sell for 310.000 clintz
or card and clintz for the same value
thx moderators!

Close plz, its done


I had scarlett like 2 weeks ago but not anymore sorry

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