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tuesday 16/11/2010

If we get atleast one more, something big wil happen smiley

sunday 14/11/2010

Hello.I am pleased that you have looked at this topic.This is for AUSTRALIANS only who are willing to have fun.we can do private sales and im usually always in the guild chat.I would like some experienced members aswell so the newbies arent completely clueless.We accept all levels. http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1160946

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saturday 13/11/2010

Plz close this subject

My guild is a break from the norm I feel that missions are a great way to past the time in Urban Rivals I know there is players out there like me so join up today and lets get the mission points racking up


thanks in advance for clicking my link smiley

friday 12/11/2010

Your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley


thursday 11/11/2010

Close plz already found a guild

I.C.E its growing

What did cheesecake ever do to you?

wednesday 10/11/2010

Support is given to all members so sign up here if you're interested

i would like to join this guild

Dude i would love to teach you a great freaks deck. and as long as you are playing frequently i will bend my clan rules a bit and let you in, though its usually 20+ up. feel free to apply to my clan or message me.

http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=543732 clan link

Wasup everyone, just trying to find some quality players (lvl 25 and up) who play frequently and are active members. if you meet that requirement please feel free to apply.


tuesday 09/11/2010

Guild:1153592 recruit level 40 you just ask to be active in the forum

has the price soon guild:1153592

by 0 Thomas


@BoF: Thanks. -.- Lol.

@Player: Yes, they are.

@Joker: Herph?

"The dragon is a perfect marriage of power and the will to use it." -Sarkhan Vol
This guild is one for the people who want to excel at this game. Anyone from any level can join. Just PM me and I'll get you in.

Go here to apply:


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