wednesday 06/01/2010

Bgodan adler and miss lullabee for ryuichi

Thanks! I'd also be willing to give out 100 Clintz.

Buying graff 4 1250 pm me so we can talk if u want 2 sell him

I could give you sigmund cr 0exp

Nickseitler will make a proper sale/trade thread smiley

Lockmeout will make a proper auction thread smiley

Apparently he's holding them all until one of them goes CR. Thank you for wasting my time.

Looking for multiples of Nyema. I'm paying 1500 for each. You may private sale it to me directly. PM me for trade. I have many cards to offer.

Thanks mods!

That's for Flavio btw

Vickie dalhia hawkins

Vickie dalhia and hawkins

Any cards amounting to 20k. will consider any offers, thanks mods!! smiley

Starting price 90k
Deadline: 8/1/10

tuesday 05/01/2010

I will give 4500 clintz for Ulrich

Hi to all i search Kerozinn Cr i've a lot of card of all clan and also Jackie,Dorian,Nellie,Zatman Kolos and Nistarok

splata has been traded

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