saturday 30/01/2010

[TRADE] Offer Tremorh for Jane Ramba, Tula, and Krash

Please close smiley

Sent in private sell

Done ty may be closed

Dalhia Hawkins and 12,000 clintz.. but how do trades really work?

Close this he has 8 cards in his collection, so he does not have these anymore.

Send me dwan 1000 clintz
Also buying>
danae 400
chwing 500
redra 500
greem 900
damian 1000
vinny 350
beverly 250
slyde 400
pam 400
glosh 900
sledg 1400
elvira 1900

pm me or msg here
Thnx modz

Already traded. Please close thread.

Can close, thanks

Please ..dont spread cr rumours

Lol..@ myeltd...judging by your country's military, we will invade to the north first.....LOLsmiley

Buying 1 star wanda

Close please

[TRADE] I offer Ratanah for Bryan.

Kk close plz

I got meh dacote for 750 when it waz still cheap
ps. u arent gonna get any1 with that much buyin ur cards

Pm me for detail, thank
Ongh 0exp willing to take any sylth lvl

3 glenn for scubb or 4 hawkins noel for buba

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