monday 21/12/2009

Im looking for 2 Olga Noel's and 2 Gaia Noels at 0xp. Im paying market price for the most part but PM me or leave a message. Also tradeing for them if you feels that a better deal for you.Thankssmiley

I want to buy Taham and Peeler for around 6000. We can discuss price.

Done ty can be closed

Do you have any non-copies? i have a jackie im willing to trade.

That is way over price i will buy your 4.9k or both for 9k

Sent you offer.

Sorry. Amiral Py is taken.

Splata gone thx mods

I retire my offer, i already exchange my Dragan Cr


For 42,000?

I sell cards like Psylo,Greow,Jalil,Otakool,Dash,Kawan and Fuzz..

Ako meron nag buy ako sa shop eh.

I got Nyema already

Caelus & Corvus ?

@ Myz - cancel the deal. got a good offer frm a friend.

@ Mods - pls close thread. thanks/

I am selling some of my Jungo cards such as Psylo,Greow and Jalil..


Mods can u please close
Thanks Random

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