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tuesday 09/11/2010

Thanks, gonna need it.

monday 08/11/2010

Mirror Bound is indeed a good guild, Mostly ELO I am one of the very few who more a Type 2 player in the guild so a great fit for a very good ELO play like you.

sunday 07/11/2010

New to game but kicking ass. Any help to get better appreciated

Any takers out there

Im shopping around for a new home as well

Just letting everyone interested in joining a guild we are still looking for new members and anyone who apply will be accepted. We are trying to create a strong guild where we share what we have learned along the way to improve all members ability and knowledge of the game. Thanks to all that have applied and hope there are more of you to come

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Close please he/she found a guild already smileysmiley

saturday 06/11/2010

Its a new guild only a few members of RL friends but looking to make some new ones. Real laid back will take any lvl with no Requirements but that you can crack a joke in guild chat everyonce in a wile...working to get all the stuff that these big guilds r posting will start guild tourneys and give aways soon as we got enuf people..andget few lvls higher are selfs smiley...mostly english speaking but long as i can get the punch line yer good with me smiley...google translator = win...lol...http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1148234

I finally got around to visiting, great place still. Good luck!


Please use the Strategy and TActics: General Forum. I validated this by mistake smiley

I think you would love to join Heavenly Heights
Come Join.. Check it out..smiley

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Thanks, I now realize its alot harder starting a guild than i thought.
I just want enough members before the 3 days are up, or else she'll shut downsmiley


Please use this forum smiley

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