tuesday 29/12/2009

Sale of Marlysa Cr 750 000 cash MP I

Full xp

I guess I'll wait for him to drop to once more to 500k in the market smiley

Please close this mods


I change my 2 nahi cr 0exp into 7 sylth or 6 sylth 0exp/splata cr

Plz close mods

Message me if this offer is still valid. I will complete with you

Close this please, no one is taking interest.

Thank you,

Sorry about that this is the new offer (did the math on the first one at like 3 am lol)

0xp Manon Cr = 2.5
Dragan Cr = 288k
Sigmund Cr = 270k
Tessa Cr = 168k
0xp Ambrose Cr = 150k
Lamar Cr = 123k
Ombre Cr = 94k
3x Alec Cr = 126k (42k each)

Totals around 3,719,000 clintz

I would like to buy Hattori for 3000 clintz

Im looking to buy alot of elvira's amy lvl

from 1500-2000 ( it costs 1800 on market atm )

PM me ...

Incubi di lupi won the auction with the bid of 9k

Just in case: you can close this now, thanks - I've got what I wanted.

I will trade My Kolos,Ghumbo,Azgorth and Azel for Your Nelie,Zataman,Jackie and Dorian!PMme

I currently have 2 249 607 clintz.
And I am willing to buy an unevolved Manon Cr (0xp) for this price.

For ur Katan (preffer 0 xp ) if ok send me PM smiley

mod thx smiley

I want to buy steve for 4,000 clintz pls.. just to have a deck.. thanks..

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