tuesday 15/12/2009

Sell me tula D: just pm smiley not too much prics im still new tnx

Close please ..

@Zakzy:i don want jackie anymore i want to sell or trade them
@RP-skunkjoe: pm'ed

if i pm'ed someone doesn't mean that i got a deal im still looking for more offers

Yea, lookin 4 cards
post whatu have and price....

Ill pay 359 clintz 4 murray if u got nuthin better (which u will)smiley

This will end now for sure. Rocklee was the highest bidder with 1021. Sorry Myztyrio, you were too late smiley

I'll trade you Laus. Put him in my pvt sales. I'll be back in an hour or 2 smiley

I have methane if you want to trade PM me~

Hey, im looking to buy a swidz cr. i have 10,274 and the rest in cards. please give me the lowest price you can thank you smiley pm me.

thnx modz

monday 14/12/2009

No one has any good deals for jay


Ach well, no biggy. The market it is then.

Cheers moderators. This thread was a fail. And failures live behind bars.

So please do your worst. Lock it. smiley

I have : chan fei kuei macumba Ryuichi Windy Mor

Anibal rolph vladmir for zatman or graksmxxt

BUY Kolos, Nistarok and Estalt.

PM me

Ok mods you can close it now thank's

No one

Please close this mods. Thanks.

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