sunday 13/12/2009

No it comes to 502k

I can't beleive you have a Vickie. sry

Splata Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Tessa Cr ppl can look at prices easily. You're welcome!

This is a fairly good trade. I predict that Gheist will make more of a return and Leviatonn is undervalued at the moment.

Close this thread plz

I will sell chloe for 3k

But not every time.
3 guys has just bought 1 smiley

Exchange my Reine Cr for a Kerozin cr

I need archies like 15. 220 a head pm me for faster trade

Close please

So avola 8k clints for sale?

Never mind this isn't sucsessfull close please

saturday 12/12/2009

Only 6 left!!!
Coma now take fast!!!!

0xp smokey for smokey +1k or 4k

Or nahi cr

3 Kerozinn Cr 0 exp, Lamar Cr full + 350 000 clintz

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