saturday 28/11/2009

Buying the following

GraksmxxT @ 8.5k

Uranus @ 5k

Jautya @ 6.5k

Plz I wont buy at more than that price, I 've just got 20.3k

Tnx mods, kind players are request to sell at a bit lower plz as I gotta make hafl deck more.
Tnx mods

First one who sends me a private sale of Eyrik for 3600 clinz or lower will be accepted

Mods plz close

The funny thing is he wants to sell it 10 clintz cheaper thats on the market.

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Geuner Cr for 20000 and Diyo Cr for 20000.

pm me if interested


I got Dalhia for 19k still need Bloodh and Hawkins!

striker 9k
marina 7k
jessie 2.2k
randy 400
or striker + marina + randy + jessie all for 17 k

friday 27/11/2009

I sell u still want? msg me

I got ghumbo so if u want to sell me glorg you will have to wait until i get more clints

Sold today
auction finished...

Hello again jjexx1998.

You have an Eyrton up for sale for 930 Clintz I believe.
I do not think that is very reasonable as seeing that card costs around 700 Clintz on market.

Maybe try to bring it down a little so you have more success.

Good luck jjexx1998!

Ill buy ongh for 18000 or little more

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