sunday 22/11/2009

Look my bio to see how many spiaghi i have thanks

In your pvt sales vukovar

stats: 5*
8/8- ability: invisibility smiley

What other cards are you looking for im interested in eris, dash, taham?

I offer Manon Scarlet 1M and Marylisa smiley

Thanks for all offers 4 left now.

Anyone mind helping a noob? =P
if anyone willing to help please send me a private sales for 135 clintz =P
God Bless Everyone =P

Lol i am buying not u

saturday 21/11/2009

I no but i need it cheap and i already got caelus
i need

What?? im not bidding, im just laughing at the starting bid.. lol, maybe it's a reverse auction XD

Only 9 Phyllis cards left will trade for Swidz Cr...


That was fast!
Thx, mods, you can close this.smiley

I have the following cards for trading. All should be something of equal value.
Anibal (full developed)
Vladmir (no developement)
Askai (no developement)
Burger (no developement)
Winston (no developement)
Dante (no developement)
Baby Q (no developement)
Wakai (no developement)
Chiara (no developement)
Damian (3 stars)
Jay (3 starts)
warren (no developement)

i will take a look at the offers.. first come first serve provided that its an equal trade and i dont have the one your trading. i will post the ones traded as they come.


Dwain Cr + Nahi Cr

I am looking for ONLY clintz
I would like an offer close to 115k

Pm me

Thank you,

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