tuesday 26/01/2010

I'll trade 28k+2 terry cr maybe more pm me an offer

Anyone ?

Close please

Close plz mods

Please Close smiley

Please Close smiley

Mods please close

Also Tradin my Full Adler for 0Xp ones smiley

monday 25/01/2010

Also want:
Hawkins - 7000
Ghumbo - 8000

30 zatman 0xp and 10 wee lee

Alright thanks close

Plz close this thread.

Trado my chikko Cr full for Shogunn and Juicy Lord

Chikko Cr - 7 198 Clintz
Shogunn and Juicy Lord - 7150

I think its a fair deal! Pm me if you're interested!!

Buying a jackie i have enough to get one from the market but would like to see if any one will sell to me for a little cheaper.

pm or post here.

thanks mods.

İF you have jungos you can trade full versions of this cards

I Buy shayna for lulabee + 2000 clintz!
PM me if you want to trade!

Any one ?

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