friday 20/11/2009

You can close this

Transaction complete: lock please

Kk il giv u zatman n hammer fr dalhia

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10 jeenas for 10k
or 1 at a time 900clintz each 0xp

Title says it all.. i want miss twice for my 0xp alec+10k

post here or pm me..

thanks mods!

0xp??? lol 777.777 clintz tell me yours offer

I don't care for the level because the tessa and vickie are good for battle where in the other hand sigmund cr is not has good in battle where most will just like to collect him with 0exp that is why i am going with the 325k market value for him.

i know what i am talking about i am not a noob.


Well...all of the card market value is around 135,000...
if interested please pm me

I know, 1 dahlia gets me an alec cr, but now it's 3 dahlias smiley
There'll be a big diff. Prolly around 7K diff.

I have a lvl4 which you may have for 3000 clintz smiley

Mods can close, found one!

Mods please close.
i've done te deal

1x Elya Cr (full xp)
1x Caelus (0xp)
1x Hikiyousan (full xp)
2x Elvira (both full xp)

For your:
1x Tessa Cr (any level).

The card choice are random, I picked out some doubles and triples I had, but they add up to roughly 177k.
So I am willing to tip in 3-5k Clintz (or Clintz output can be negotiable).

PM if you are interested. Thank you!

Cheers mods.

Buying charlie for 4.5k and a few cards.
p.m me for faster response on what cards you want to trade

Sorry guys, already traded.
Mods pls close thread

No to all three offers

Close please

Close please

Ok deal cloze please thank you

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